Level Controller

Hemkunt Electronics WMA-002 is used for Pumps/ Solenoids/ Control Pannel/ Allied Equp. which can be configured with our HALLUX Capsule Float which is mounted inside the tank/pit and wired to the level controller.

Level controller gives one hold-on Relay output which can be used for controlling of a pump or alarm etc. Relay has in-built hold-on circuitry arrangement, the relay gets ON once the level reaches low level and gets OFF when level reaches high level. Relay re-energises again only when low level is reached inside the tank. Relay output can be further configured in series to the pump motor control panel or starter contactor coil.

Different types of Hemkunt Electronics models are available for controlling with different features which can be integrated with our specially designed level sensors and capsule float. All the special models and sensor info are mentioned in Special Models.

It offer solid state reliability, very low power consumption, and consistent activation points over a wide temp. Range in a rugged and environmentally isolated package. HEMKUNT electronics specializes in customizing designs to specific customer needs for a wide range of applications. Please feel free contact us to provide the
optimal solution for your specific needs.


# Automatic adjustable
# Easy to install
# Reliable # Maintenance free
# Automatic Switching
# Environmental protection
# Controller can be equipped with pump dry run prevention
feature for U/G or feed tank.*