inductive capacitive and photoelectric sensoors.

Capacitive Proximity Sensor

Hemkunt Electronics Proximity Switch/Sensor offer solid state reliability, very low power consumption, and consistent activation points over a wide temp. Range in a rugged and environmentally isolated package.

Capacitive Type sensor detects the presence of any dielectric material in the proximity of its sensing face. They are used for detecting non metallic objects, liquid level and other sensing application.

HEMKUNT electronics specializes in customizing designs to specific customer needs for a wide range of applications. Please feel free contact us to provide the optimal solution for your specific needs.


  • Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Mounting Dimension: 8mm to 36mm (Box type available)
  • Sensing Range: 1mm to 25mm
  • Maximum load current: 300mA
  • Hysteresis: <-15% of sn
  • Operating temperature: -20 o C to +70 o C
  • Output contact: NO or NC
  • Switching frequency: 25Hz to 40Hz
  • Led Indication: Yes
  • Housing: Chrome plated brass
  • Cable: 3 core 2m long
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