Capsule Float

Hemkunt Capsule Float Switch/Sensor is constructed by shaping and sealing the micro switch connected with wires. The device is connected to an electrical pump through an electrical cable, is used for the auto-control and no-water protection of water tower and water pool.

THE HALLUX CAPSULE FLOAT level switch with mercury free operated micro switch can be used for the level switching of drinking water and other liquids. The float is absolutely hermetically closed due to a unique molding and manufacturing procedure. The switching different can be set by counterweight
adjuster alongside the cable of the capsule float.

It offer solid state reliability, very low power consumption, and consistent activation points over a wide temp. Range in a rugged and environmentally isolated package. Henkunt Electronics specializes in customizing designs to specific customer needs for a wide range of applications. Please feel free contact us to provide the
optimal solution for your specific needs.

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